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Biotona Macaquick 200 Gr

-50% Rp 247.500 Rp 123.750

Stok: 20

ED JULI 2024

This delicious superfood mix is used to make a cacao drink, enriched with maca, guaranteeing you carefree and healthy drinking pleasure. Lightly sweetened with Canadian maple sugar and lucuma and containing 45% raw cacao powder - a real contrast to most ordinary cacao drinks, which often contain very little cacao and far too many (refined) sugars (up to 75%). Biotona Bio MacaQuik® also has raw Peruvian maca powder, ground from a tuber that grows in the Andes mountains at a height of 4,000 metres - which is not the most obvious place for plants to thrive. To survive in these extreme conditions, maca produces large quantities of protective substances. Thanks to this unique composition, maca also stimulates general resistance and vitality. MacaQuik® also contains a mix of all the goodness from coconut, which helps to make the drink extra creamy. A superfood treat for young and old alike!