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Biotona Skin Food Raw 150 Gr

Rp 563.500

Stok: 12

Biotona Skin food Raw is a synergetic mix of 35 superfoods. It contains a raw powder of aloe vera gel, nettle, seabuckthorn and turmeric, all of which keep the skin healthy. The freeze-dried powders of gotu kola and nettle also ensure a healthy blood circulation through the skin. The Skin food is complete thanks to the pure matcha and blueberry, which keep the appearance young and radiant. The mix also contains powder of pineapple, kale, cocoa, goji, pomegranate, purple corn, papaya, red beetroot, rosehip, tomato, 4 powders of mushroom mycelia and powder of the best superberries in the world. Each ingredient was cultivated biogically and processed to a powder while preserving all the nutrients and phytonutrients.