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Biotona Super Greens Raw 150 Gr

Rp 435.500

Stok: 7

Biotona bio supergreens is a superior blend with only the best organic and green raw superfoods! It mixture consists of 100% pure green food sources, each with their own range of phytonutrients and naturally present nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes... Biotona bio supergreens contains no fillers, flavour enhancers or colourings!Biotona supergreens contains the powder of wheatgrass, oat grass, alfalfa grass, kamut grass, barley grass juice, from Utah, where these young grasses are grown on the mineral-rich bottom of a dehydrated lake.

The juices are pressed in just a few steps minutes dried by a high-tech process and so keep all their good characteristics that Mother Nature gave them. In addition, this mix contains organic chlorella and spirulina, two superalgae that, because of their ideal nutritional composition, rich in proteins and minerals, an ideal and complete a source of nutrition. Contains further freeze-dried powder of organic spinach and broccoli, both green vegetables full of valuable substances contained in this mixture have a deserved place. With next to it a trio of seaweeds from Very high quality Scotland (Seagreens bladder wrack, club wrack, groove wrack), one by one with a broad and unique nutritional profile.

Biotona bio supergreens is completely complete thanks to the added pure Matcha or excellent green tea from Japan and the bio grown in pure spring water watercress. The latter is a natural source of carotenoids, vitamin C and the typical bitter glucosinolates and has already been studied intensively because of of its good qualities.