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Before you start shopping at SESA.ID, we recommend that you register on our website first, to make the shopping process easier.
By registering, your data will be easier to manage for your next shopping needs.

How to register / register an account on the SESA.ID website:

  1. Click the "Register" menu in the top right corner of the SESA.ID website.
  2. Fill in the "First Name" (your first name) and "Last Name" (your last name) columns.
  3. Click on the "Sign Up for Newsletter" option if you want to receive information from SESA.ID regularly.
  4. Fill in your email address.
  5. Fill in the password you specified.
  6. Confirm the password according to the password you have entered.
  7. Enter your cellphone/cellphone number. If the cellphone number you registered is connected to the WhatsApp application, then please click/mark the box "Phone Number is Registered in WhatsApp", if not, you can enter another cellphone number that is connected to the WhatsApp application.

Here's how you shop at SESA.ID:

  1. Choose a shopping category that suits your wishes, be it Groceries, Food, and others, or you can also shop for products in the Special Promo, Flash Deals, New Products, or Best Selling Products categories.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) to add items, or the minus sign (-) to reduce the number of items. You can also type manually to determine the number or quantity of items you want to buy, then select updated.

If you have finished adding the groceries you want to buy, the next step is to carry out the payment process.

To make a payment, you can do the following:

  1. Click the basket icon/image listed in the top right corner of your PC/laptop/cellphone monitor screen.
  2. Click the "Check Out" menu
  3. Select the delivery method that you want, namely:

“Pick Up Store”, if you want to pick up the goods you have purchased directly at the SESA.ID store.

If you select “Store Pick Up”, you must:

  • Fill in your email address
  • Fill in the columns:
    - Pick Up Person (Who will pick up the goods)
    - Phone Number (Phone number that will pick up the goods)
    - Email (Email address where the goods will be picked up)
    - Pick Up Time (What date and time the goods will be picked up)
    - Click "Proceed to Payment" to make payment

Select "Home Delivery" if you want the items you have purchased to be sent directly to your home.
If you choose “Home Delivery”, you must:

  • Fill in the email field with your email address.
  • Fill in your name in the First Name (for first name) and Last Name (last name) columns.
  • In the Country column, Indonesia will be selected automatically.
  • Fill in the City column with the city and sub-district where you live.
  • Fill in the Street Address column with your home address in detail (name of the nearest street, alley or building).
  • Fill in the Zip/Postal Code column according to the postal code where you live, if you forget, just type 11111.
  • Fill in the Phone Number/No column. Your phone.
  • (optional) You can also set a Pin Point on the map location of your house, to make delivery easier using instant courier.
  • Delivery Time: Please enter the delivery date of the goods and also what time the goods will be sent.

Shipping Method
There are two delivery methods available at SESA.ID, namely

  • For the DKI Jakarta area (except Seribu Islands and Pramuka) + South Tangerang, the delivery method you can choose is SESA Courier.
  • For areas outside DKI Jakarta (except Seribu Islands and Pramuka) and South Tangerang, the delivery option will use JNE - Regular (depending on your location)

Then, click Proceed to Payment (to make payment)

Payment Method
We provide various payment methods, namely:

  • Bank Transfer Manual
  • OVO
  • ShopeePay
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfers

Bank Transfer Manual:
If you choose this payment method, you make a manual transfer to the designated account, namely:

Bank Name: BCA
Account Name: PT Organik Sehat Alami
Account Number: 4280 1398 88

If you use the Manual Bank Transfer option, after making the transfer, you are required to confirm payment by:

  • Click the WhatsApp button at the bottom right corner
  • Confirm by providing the following information:
  1. Order Number/Your order number
  2. Bank Name/Name of the bank used to transfer
  3. Your Bank Account Number/Your bank account number
  4. Your Bank Account Name/Name of the account owner
  5. Amount Transferred/The nominal amount of money you transfer (according to the value of your order)
  6. Transfer Date/Transfer date
  7. Upload Receipt Image/Upload image of proof of your transfer

OVO, ShopeePay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer:
If you choose OVO, ShopeePay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer payments, please fill in the data in the menu provided (for OVO, ShopeePay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, SESA.ID collaborates with Xendit as a partner in carrying out verification and security in transactions) .

Payment Information

  1. All product prices contained on our platform are correct when published. However, product prices displayed on the platform may change from time to time depending on business situations and conditions. As a platform provider, we will change the listed prices according to price changes made by our producers.
  2. You are only obliged to pay according to the amount of your order and shipping costs, if any, as stated during the checkout process. You can also use the available promos or vouchers to get discounts or other benefits. Changes to the price of your order cannot occur while you are in the checkout process from our platform.
  3. You can only make payment for your order via the payment method provided on our platform (subject to change from time to time), namely: GoPay, OVO, Credit Card, BCA Virtual Account, Permata, Mandiri, Jenius, or other payment methods provided legitimate.
  4. You guarantee to provide complete and accurate information regarding payment details, and to have sufficient balance or limit on the payment method you choose to be able to use it to pay for your order.
  5. We have the right to refuse or delay forwarding your payment request via Payment Method for certain reasons, such as indications or we have sufficient reasons to suspect fraud, deception, violation of the Terms of Use, violation of applicable laws and regulations including those related to tools. payments using cards, electronic money, processing payment transactions, anti-money laundering, corruption and preventing the financing of terrorism, or other actions that are unreasonable or suspicious, including failure to fulfill your obligations to us.