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Biotona Cholera + Spirulina Raw 200 Gr

Rp 346.000

Stok: 8

Chlorella, meaning ‘little green leaf’ is an ancient, single-cell, fresh water alga, with a bright green colour caused by its high levels of chlorophyll. In addition, chlorella “broken cell wall” is also naturally rich in numerous phytonutrients, as well as being an excellent natural source of proteins with a good balance of amino acids. Spirulina is a blue-green, spiral-shaped salt water alga, which has been used as a source of nutrition for more than a thousand years. This alga is packed with phytonutrients and is the most concentrated source of protein (up to 70%) on earth. Chlorella and spirulina helps to sustain the vitality and the natural resistance. Biotona bio Chlorella + Spirulina Raw is derived from algae that are 100% biologically cultivated. After harvesting, they are dehydrated through a superior drying process, so that their full nutritional value is retained.