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SESA was born to make daily organic living possible, supporting humans to live a beautiful life.

Why Should You Choose SESA?

100% Organics & Healthy

The biggest selection of organic and healthy products, with 350 brands and over 8.000 products.

Consultation with nutritionist and get the best recommendation for your healthier eating and lifestyle

Our Community lives by Nature, and we have to do our best to care for them. With our in-store program, SESA is dedicated to preserving nature.

SESA was born to make daily organic living possible, supporting humans to live a beautiful life.

100% Organics & Healthy Trusted Nutritionist Social & Community

The Story Behind

Time doesn’t move backward.
It moves straight forward. You can’t fix what has been, but you can improve what is coming.
For me, health is the most important.

SESA started the journey over a long life-changing experience that began with Our Founder, Lucky Chan. Looking back then, it wasn’t easy to be a young man with an ambition to further his career.

He had to suffer from many health issues, such as; high blood pressure, insomnia, hair loss, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and an overall weak immune system which brought me to extreme vulnerability.Those serious conditions had affected his mindset and behavior. He completely lost his happiness.

Things became worse when his beloved father-in-law was examined with stage 4 cancer and could not survive at 62. It was like lightning. Even the whole family could do nothing. Cancer had gone undetected during the previous blood check-up, but suddenly, it spread so fast. Shocking! This incident broke his heart but also woke him up that every person should have a beautiful life. However, most people don’t know how to achieve, hence they are always looking for the means of life.

Our Founder realized that is his true calling to spread what he had experienced in life, that beautiful life can be achieved when we give love to ourselves first. When we love ourselves, we will understand what our body needs and strive to fulfill it in an organic way. Humans have to go back to nature, solve the problem from the root, get healthy and well-being to have a beautiful life.

How Was SESA Born

Our Founder is committed to providing high-quality organic and healthy products available in Indonesia. He traveled over the world curating the products himself, and began approaching and proposing each supplier.

He established our own organic farm and livestock because he was unable to get real organic and natural products.

He assures that our own farms and livestock are organic by participating in organic farm certification, verification of soil, water sources, and a completely organic ecosystem until SESA is certified as Indonesia’s first organic chicken.