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Biotona Camu Camu + Acerola Raw 150 Gr

Rp 524.500

Stok: 12

Biotona bio Camu camu + Acerola Raw is a mixture of freeze-dried acerola and camu camu powder. The acerola, or West Indian cherry is extremely popular because of the amount of vitamin C and other phytonutrients it contains. Research has demonstrated that camu camu can easily contain up to 2% vitamin C, depending on the level of ripeness. °Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue, supports the immune system and protects cells against free radicals. Biotona bio Camu camu + Acerola Raw is made from 100% organic acerola from Brazil and camu camu from Peru. Immediately after harvesting and selection, they are processed into powder using a freeze-drying technique, so that the flavour, colour and aroma closely resemble the fresh berries. This drying process also ensures that the naturally present nutrients and phytonutrients are optimally retained.