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Sesa Pandan Wangi Organic Brown Rice 1 Kg

Rp 36.900

Stok: 45

Sesa Pandan Wangi Organic Brown Rice 1 Kg

The brown color of this rice is obtained from the epidermis which is not peeled due to the milling process, so the nutritional content of this rice is much higher than ordinary white rice.


  • Long grain
  • Brownish yellow color
  • Requires more water for cooking

Advantages of brown rice:

  • 80% vitamin B1, 70% vitamin B3, 90% vitamin B6, 50% phosphorus (P), 60% iron (Fe), 100% fiber and fatty acids
  • Fulfills 50% of daily manganese (Mn) needs.
  • Fulfills 21% of Magnesium ( Mg) and Calcium ( Ca) needs.
  • Fulfills 14% of daily fiber needs.
  • Contains selenium, an anti-oxidant mineral.
  • Essential fatty acids can decrease
  • Contains fiber, Mg and vitamin B.