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Natural Brown Shimeji Mushroom Sesa 100 Gr

-42% Rp 21.900 Rp 12.900

Stok: 25

Shimeji mushrooms are the third most popular mushroom in Japan, after shitake and enoki. There are three most popular types of shimeji mushrooms, namely buna-shimeji (brown), bunapi-shimeji (white), and hon-shimeji. Of the three, the most popular type is chocolate shimeji. Mushrooms are a group of vegetables that are classified as superfoods because they have a high nutritional density and have good benefits for the body.

Variant: 100 grams
Serving size: 100 grams
Storage method: Store at 1-4°C
Processing method: Can be consumed as a complementary ingredient to soup and capcay