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Sesa Tempeh Bacem Non GMO Frozen 10 Pcs (Frozen Tempeh)

Rp 25.900

Stok: 3

Tempe bacem has good benefits for the body, because it is a food product made from fermented soybeans. Made from Non-GMO soybeans combined with selected fresh herbs and spices. Free of preservatives, MSG and artificial coloring. Hygienically produced, nutritious and easy to serve.

Ingredients: Non GMO soybeans, shallots, garlic, brown sugar, tamarind, sweet soy sauce, salt.

Variant: 10 Pcs
Serving size: 100 grams
Serving method:
1. Leave the frozen tempeh at room temperature until soft
2. Remove from packaging, add oil to the pan and fry for 3-5 minutes, tempeh is ready to serve
Storage method: Can last 1 (one) week if stored in the freezer