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Orgain Organic Plant-Based Superfood + Probiotics Original 9.9 Oz (280Gr)

Rp 599.900

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Supplement your diet with superfoods, antioxidants, and probiotics to help support digestive and gut health. The superfoods in this powder include beets, ginger, turmeric, wheat grass, barley grass, spinach, broccoli, kale, acai, millet, spinach, buckwheat, quinoa, chia, and flax.

Ideal for healthy meals on the go for men, women and children. Whether you're a busy professional, mom, dad, athlete, or student, it's perfect as an antioxidant boost and addition to meal replacement shakes or pre- and post-workout drinks. Mix into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie recipe and enjoy. Great for overnight oats.

Orgain organic superfood powder is packed with 50 organic superfoods in every scoop. Provides a healthy mix of organic greens, greens, fruits and sprouts that can be easily added to water, juice or smoothies.