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Sesa Tofu Natural Non Gmo 276 Gr

-10% Rp 10.500 Rp 9.500

Stok: 8

Tofu is known to be rich in benefits. Not only does it taste delicious and is suitable as a snack, tofu also has many health benefits. Tofu is a type of tofu originating from Japan, usually called silken tofu and is a source of vegetable protein that is good for the body. Our tofu is made from non-GMO whole soybeans and is an excellent source of protein & calcium. Tofu can be processed into various foods with high nutritional content.

Weight: 276 grams
Serving size: 85 grams
Storage method: Store at 1-4°C
Warning: Refrigerate and repack after opening, shelf life 7 days