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Greenpan Padova Dark Blue Gold Handle Open Frypan 24cm Non Toxic Frying Pan

Rp 871.250

Stok: 21

GreenPan Padova Dark Blue Gold Handle Open Frypan 24 cm Non Toxic Frying Pan Interior color lagoon white
World-class performance meets minimalist chic on your stovetop.

1. Always heat the pan first on low heat before adding oil or butter
2. When Cooking:
- Use medium heat for cooking
- Use cooking oil with a high smoke point so that the pan avoids overheating - Use cooking utensils made from silicone or wood, avoid cooking utensils made from iron
3. Before washing, wait a few moments until the pan is not hot. After that, wash with a soft sponge using warm water mixed with soap
4. Storage: After drying, if you want to stack it, put a layer of cloth over the pan so that it is safe and doesn't scratch other pans.

1. Material: Armored Body: Duoforged hard anodized aluminum for exceptional strength and scratch resistance

2. Design: Goldstone handle, stainless steel handle which has a wear-resistant coating and resists corrosion for years
3. Type: Big frying pan (big cookware) and Oven safe up to 315°C
4. Color: Dark Blue Gold Handle
5. For all types of stoves including induction
6. Metal utensil safe