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Sesa Local Organic Cucumber 1 Kg

-13% Rp 24.900 Rp 21.900

Stok: 5

Cucumber or cucumber is a type of fruit that is commonly consumed by the public. Cucumbers are rich in nutrients and have a multitude of good benefits for the body if consumed regularly. Cucumbers can be processed into various types of dishes such as salads, fresh vegetables, and even juice.
Our cucumbers are grown in clean soil without synthetic fertilizers with high quality seeds from a natural environment. Our cucumbers are hand-picked with the best quality, producing a dense texture and free from spots or yellow color.

Variant: 1 Kg
Serving size: 100 grams
Storage method: Store at 1-4°C
Processing method: Suitable to serve in the form of salad, juice, fresh vegetables and stir-fries